Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seven(th) Heaven at Daiso Japan store

everything for Dhs7!
I just had one of those grand times criscrossing the aisles of my favorite shop in the world, Daiso Japan (one price for all items, unless otherwise stated!) And all for a measly DHS 110, I take home with me a star to top our christmas tree, a can of snow spray, a large desk mirror, a felt tip eyeliner pen, a notebook (for my recipes), a large paper star, a tube of hair gel, a bag of elastics, a bottle of mint bubble bath, a laundry net and that giddy feeling that lingers and guarantees that I will be back again in no time.

I cannot fully express how this shop is magical to me; it's like a little shop of horrors minus the blood-thirsty plant. There is, however, the money-thirsty cash register, and aisles and aisles of things you probably didn't need but are just pretty, nifty, colorful or just plain interesting. For me and my friend Luisa today, it's a haven of things we were not able to buy when we were kids. We were drawn mostly to the stationery aisle where notebooks of an array of designs and sizes were on display. Opposite it, the pens were exhibited in all their colorful glory. It turns out that myself and Luisa had the same inclination to such, and I swear we would have stayed in that same place had we not felt hungry and that she had to go home soon and bring her boyfriend dinner.
my Daiso loot for the day!

Upon arriving home, I quickly rummage through my bag of treasures, holding up each one like they are the most unique things in the world. I feel especially happy with the pink notebook I have bought to write my secret recipes in, and the star that now completes my once unfinished christmas tree. With  a shop like Daiso, truly the best things in life are (almost) free!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flying Random Thoughts Entry No.2

I've never had anyone lecture me about writing as much as "Mr. Too-Much" has, one time during a flight to Colombo.

"If man becomes content on where he is, he stops evolving. It is human nature for man to be discontented with what he has, and to always strive for change. If you really want change, go look for what you want. Don't even look at the money or luxuries involved, but instead look for change for the sole purpose of your evolution. That is when you might truly be happy."

The next day, I had to drag my friend Steve to the nearest Carrefour to buy the latest classifieds. If only I could convince people this forcefully, I wouldn't go around as much begging people to believe me that I have good sense in writing. Anyway, I  did find advertisements and I've actually replied to two. To date I haven't got replies, but then again, I really am not the one time big time type. I've concurred over the past years that I do have to endure a lot of "no's" before I get a "yes", and it's usually when it seems insanely impossible. That means maybe, when I am supposedly buried then under tons of classifieds, I might find a single clause that would bring me a notch up my personal evolution.

And with my stubborn, evil self grinning at the background, this is what I aim to do.

Friday, October 21, 2011


"Never refuse a moment when your self wishes to express itself. Write. Take pictures. Explore."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heads or tails?

When in doubt, flip a coin. Your decision/wishes will be apparent even before your coin lands.