Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Random Thoughts Entry no. 1

Since I won't be able to give up flying altogether for writing, I might as well pick up the best things I've heard my flight colleagues, and write about it.

For my first ever, I quote my recent senior whom I'll refer to as Himitsu-chan.

"We've all had choices to make."

And I agree. I've just married the only guy who hasn't faltered with his devotion for me for all of 7 years. I could've, at any point before our wedding day chosen to just drop it, but I went on ahead and said "I do". I wouldn't say I was teeming with other choices, but the fact remains that I could've done something else. I could for example, get lost in Kathmandu and never get to be heard of again. Well, I guess I'm just saying. Yet, I chose my husband, as he chose me and here we are in our cozy apartment playing family with my stuffed turtle until we finally get real ones( kids, I mean.)

It might have been different, 7 years ago, if I had chosen to go down a different road. I might have been happier, or I might be drowning in sorrow. But I've made choices. It might not have lead me to where I intended to have gone to, nonetheless it landed me where I needed to go.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The bookworm running out of bookshelves

I don't have that habit of going into a bookshop and aim to actually buy a book, especially when the best sellers fetch for exorbitant prices I choose not to be able to afford. I do, however, buy a book regardless of its stature and, call me a scrooge if you must but these best-buy ones are the books that I'd rather give a chance to.

To be really honest (and obnoxious), I could finish a 400 page book in two days, and this is why my husband disagrees with the frivolous buying of expensive books, or even normal books for that matter. The poor thing can only do as much though when we're at the checkouts with yet another book or two to fill the shelf. At the end of the day when the books have been read, and me trying to go back the pages to see if there could be anything at all that I could've missed, it is with sore realization that I have in fact, digested 75dirhams in just one sitting. It is anything but a waste of money, but sometimes I wish I lingered on for much longer and make the book worth of its every penny.

To resolve this dilemma, I have come to a resolution to keep my books to a number and after that, give the excess away to a public library. I might come up with a list of must-have books with the help of my bookworm friends, but at this point I have yet to find out how my resolution might actually fare in the short term, with really good books being published by the minute. I don't even know if the house my husband plans to have made for us, would even have a personal library of some sort, so the number of books I can keep is still another variable.

On my opinion, I really don't own that much yet, and so I could give in to hoarding books still. My intention now though is to plan for the future of the books I read, which ones that are to grow old with me, and which ones I would eventually let go. That way maybe I could save me some bookshelf space, and at the same time, give other bookworms like me, a go for reading without shelling out hard-earned cash. For sure, free books are way better than cheap books, no matter how incredibly shabby that makes me sound! At the end of the day, I might feel better that I have done for the books I read, my share in its long journey.

Inspired by Paulo Coelho everytime I purchase a book, who I quote ".. but as soon as I've finished a book, I let it go; I give it to someone else, or to the public library. My intention is not to save forests or to be generous. I simply believe that a book has its own journey to make, and should not be condemned to being stuck on a shelf."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Gift

Touched by how truly personalized this wedding gift is from my cousin
(and now, godmother) Ate Dynah and her family.

A new possibility

I just had an epiphany while browsing through Facebook.

One of my college friends who posted an album in my wedding's honor, also has quoted me and at the same time, reiterated to me, the desires of my subconscious. I still am amazed at how her simple gesture of remembering the one-time affair also served to me as the sign I've been asking for the longest time.

And now that the ever so-elusive Cheshire Cat has grinned on me, I might as well go down the road to which He points, and start having tea with my newfound dream.